Use EXPLORE to effortlessly execute your campaigns

Find possibilities of reinventing the wheel and generate powerful ideas supported by insights

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A tool for blue-sky thinking

Use our in-depth analysis to measure the effectiveness of previous creative decisions to derive ideas for any upcoming campaigns

Using Eleve EXPLORE tool, get valuable competitive analytical insights that can help you build more focused influencer marketing campaigns

Track and analyse your client's campaign performance with real-time data and manage multiple campaigns - all in one dashboard

Back your campaign with effective advocacy solutions to deliver high quality engagement for your client

Utilise insights & automated reports for your clients

Generate as many custom reports as you want for different use-cases & various campaigns for the perusal of different teams

Figure out which influencers create maximum impact among the targeted audience and geographies for your clients

Find the best social media platforms to promote your client's message to generate maximum RoI

Leverage our tool, Eleve EXPLORE to answer customer queries on social media platforms during your influencer campaigns

8 key features to help you execute a
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